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Colour is a power which directly influences the soul, colour enhances almost everything you can imagine. Colour is a FEELING. What is your favorite colour ? and Why is it your favorite ? Usually our favorite things are favorite because of the special feeling it gives to us.  Maybe red  because it attracts everybody towards you or black makes you look perfect or maybe pink because it isnt just a colour its an attitude.  Ask yourself what do you feel in your space? Subconsciously you always knew what it wants to convey and any user entering your space has felt that. Let the colour convey its power! Three rules which never goes wrong and works wonder –  Colour hacks – 1. Same colour on same colour is always right  Example – white on white is always right!  As this gives a sober, classy and evergreen look

2. Highlighting colour – only certain area, single wall or through furniture –  This gives  importance to colour. 

3. Colour on colour – Layers never disappoint , shades or tint of single colour ( preferably tones 2/3) or varied 2/3 colour combination is a perfect balance or enough itself.  “Because everything is about colour”

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